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2022 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

13 Jun 2022

RMGroup expand automated bagging portfolio

RMGroup expand automated bagging portfolio
The new BP-600 automatic bag placer from RM Group

New BP-600 compact bag placer among new aggregate bag filling products on display

RMGroup, specialist in robotics and automation, have launched a new automatic bag placer – the versatile and compact BP-600. The system joins the heavy-duty BP-800 bag placer and the RBP-700 automated robot bag placer in RMGroup’s expanding portfolio of automated bagging solutions.

Delivering an efficient and cost-effective method of automatically placing sacks/bags on to the bagging unit, the BP-600 replaces existing manual operations, thereby maximizing bag filling production efficiencies.

Previous bag presentation issues are eradicated with consistent flow of bags to the filling head. The system provides speeds of up to 10 bags per minute and its small footprint means that the unit can be integrated in restricted packing spaces, making it ideal for a mobile packaging line, such as RMGroup’s CTB-600.

Designed to accept sacks up to 950mm in length, the bag placer consists of a suction cup vacuum system to pick up bags before they are transported on a chain belt, then opened to allow paddle arms to present to the filling head.

‘It’s a starter system for those looking to automate their manual bag placing process,’ said RMGroup sales director Ed Pugh. ‘We saw a gap in the industry to offer a bag placer to rival others in the marketplace that could provide improved bag presentation and bag pick-up efficiency. The result is the BP-600, a cost-effective, stand-alone unit that can be integrated with an existing bag-filling system or combined as part of a full system.’

The BP-600, along with a range of new products in aggregate bag filling, robot palletizing and mobile packing, will feature on the RMGroup stand at Hillhead 2022.



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