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2022 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

27 Apr 2022

Goldhofer make Hillhead debut with popular STEPSTAR

Goldhofer make Hillhead debut with popular STEPSTAR
A five-axle Goldhofer STEPSTAR STN-L5 semi-trailer

Heavy haulage semi-trailers from Goldhofer set to make their first appearance at the show

Goldhofer will be making their debut at this year’s Hillhead exhibition. Together with UK sales partner Specialist Trailer Hire (STH) Ltd, the company will be presenting its wide range of vehicles for handling all kinds of construction machinery.

One of the items on display will be a three-axle semi-trailer from the successful STEPSTAR family. Specifically designed for the construction and demolition industry in the UK, it offers a very impressive payload to deadweight ratio, making it an ideal solution for operations under C&U regulations.

‘With this model, our customers in the UK benefit from a wide range of useful functions for the cost-effective transportation of construction machinery,’ said Dennis Leschensky, area sales manager UK at Goldhofer Transport Technology.

The Specialist Trailer Hire fleet now includes a large number of these self-tracking semi-trailers in three- and four-axle versions. The STEPSTAR is available in several variants, as a platform semi-trailer or in a wheel recess version.

It also comes with a wide range of accessories, including ramps, Mega gooseneck, a full lashing system, low-wear and non-slip TraffideckGo polymer decking, and many other intelligent features and accessories for fast and easy loading and unloading with flexible vehicle configuration for specific operations.

But the low-weight semi-trailers in the STEPSTAR family will not be the only highlights at Hillhead. Heavy haulage experts from Goldhofer and STH will be available to provide information about the wider range of products for transporting heavy and voluminous construction and demolition machinery with a deadweight of more than 50 tonnes.

‘The range of solutions available from Goldhofer comprises an extensive product portfolio for all types of work and construction machines, so I’m convinced that together we will find a cost-effective solution for every transport requirement. Try us and see,’ said Robert Steinhauser, director of sales Europe/Africa at Goldhofer AG.



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