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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

TBS Hydrosizer

Mineral Engineering Processes Ltd Stand: PB42
  • TBS Hydrosizer
  • TBS Hydrosizer
TBS Hydrosizer TBS Hydrosizer

The MEP TBS Hydrosizer is a hindered settling classifier, using upward current water and mineral to create a column of teeter in the vessel. The density in the machine is constantly monitored and automatically controlled.

The machine can be set to give a required classification - the larger and heavier particles which concentrate at the bottom of the vessel are discharged through the spigot valves. The finer and lighter particles overflow the weir at the top and are collected in the launder.

The control system gives immediate response to variations in feed rates up to 100%.

The TBS Hydrosizer uses the Teeter Plate system to evenly distribute the upward current water within the machine; this helps to give a controlled and steady condition in the vessel to ensure maxiumum accuracy. 


• Best separation efficiency.
• Low running and maintenance costs.
• Low energy requirement.
• Small footprint.
• Less operator attention than spirals and other devices.

MEP has sold over 400 TBS Hydrosizer units worldwide to countries including, the UK, Australia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and the US.

The TBS Hydrosizer is generally suitable for handling minus 5mm materials and is designed to accurately separate at a pre-selected size.

A wide range of TBS Hydrosizers are available from 0.9 to 4.0m diameter. The size of machine is selected to suit your individual requirements. The TBS Hydrosizer can be used for a wide variety of applications.






  • Soil washing plants
  • Washing plants
  • Sand processing plants
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