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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Proof of Delivery in Construction

PODFather Stand: RB17
  • Proof of Delivery in Construction
  • Proof of Delivery in Construction
  • Proof of Delivery in Construction
Proof of Delivery in Construction Proof of Delivery in Construction Proof of Delivery in Construction

With PODFather you can automate all those processes – from bulk logistics planning, vehicle checks, and earthworks ticketing to POD and invoicing – that are currently so reliant on the right pieces of paper getting to the right place at the right time. We can help you make better use of your resources, invoice faster, and get full visibility, and accountability, of your operation.

Key Features:

  • Booking diary: Improve site safety for gate staff, drivers and site teams with a booking diary that can be configured to suit individual site rules and constraints, with automated reports on planned vs. actual activity and real-time infringement alerts to safety standards or non-scheduled deliveries.


  • Vehicle checks: Our system will capture FORS & CLOCS based vehicle check forms. We offer a mobile solution for gate staff linked with the Booking Diary. Ensure sites are safe and secure by automating the vehicle check process and logging information on a smartphone using our app.


  • Waste eTicketing: Monitor duty of care compliance by monitoring real life activity vs the plan. Our eTicketing system for waste movements captures transfer details at both collection and tipping points, and ensures accurate data is captured for duty of care compliance.

Big benefits:

  1. Eradicate paper tickets from your construction business. All job information is shared with drivers, and real time proof of delivery captured, using our easy-to-use Driver App.
  2. Maintain regulatory compliance checks and records with PODFather’s cloud-based system. All information can be captured and stored in one central system for ease of reporting and information recall.
  3. Get real time visibility and real time accountability of your construction fleet. See what vehicles you have where and make informed business decisions based on what’s going on out on site.
  4. Slash time to invoice as you no longer have to wait for the return of paper tickets to log that work has been completed. Track drivers’ hours, including those of your third party hauliers, with ease.

Getting rid of paper tickets: With PODFather you can make the transition to electronic ticketing with ease.  Job information is shared with drivers via the PODFather app which gives you real time visibility and full-time accountability across your entire fleet.

Allocating work based on real time visibility of what is going on out on site: When the phone goes, and you need to plan a load you can use the real time fleet visibility that PODFather gives you to see what’s the best resource for you to use.  No more guesswork.  Make informed business decision based on real world data.

Meeting strict environmental regulations & industry standards: With PODFather you can specify what materials are able to be moved where across your business.  We help you meet your environmental obligations with ease. 

Planning & managing your own drivers, & subcontractors, with one system: The PODFather app can be downloaded by any subcontractors that you use.  This allows you to push work to all drivers via your back-office system, and track on the day performance.  All the driver needs is access to a smartphone and our free ePOD app.

Ease of integration: We understand how important it is for our customers to easily integrate PODFather into their business. Therefore, you can integrate our system into your existing infrastructure using web services. Jobs can be uploaded or pre-routed and PODs downloaded as soon as they are completed. Find out more about integrating PODFather into your construction business.





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