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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Mid Range OTR Bead Repair system for 18.000R25 to 45/65R45

Monaflex Tyre Repair Systems Stand: RB36


-        Specialist OTR bead repair - a single heat pad wraps around the area to provide uniform temperature while the flexible airbags ensure perfect conformity to the bead.

-        Rapid assembly - the heat pad and the airbag are supplied in a single unit and can be dropped in the place over the bead.

-        The operator can quickly lock the frame together, secure its place using the strap and switch the unit on.

-        No single parts weigh more than 9 kg which means the operator can use the system quickly and easily.

Plus all benefits of the Monaflex tyre repair system.


Can Repair

-        Radial

-        Bead


Tyre Range

-        18.000R25 to 45/65R45

-        A bead sole width of 2” to 4”



  • Tyres
  • Vulcanizing
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