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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

MEP Water Treatment

Mineral Engineering Processes Ltd Stand: PB42
  • MEP Water Treatment
  • MEP Water Treatment
MEP Water Treatment MEP Water Treatment

An MEP Thickener is a machine designed to receive effluent water containing solids resulting from a mineral process operation and in conjunction with chemical flocculants, concentrates this partially dilute pulp into a thicker pulp.

We offer a wide range of standard as well as custom designed tank designs including:

  • Mild steel conical (HC).

  • Mild steel conventional with sloping base.

  • Mild steel conventional with flat base.

  • Mild steel shell walls mounted to a concrete base.

The units can also be manufactured in stainless steel for more arduous environments such as at sea dredged aggregate sites. Units can also be manufactured to fit a concrete tank provided by the customer.

The MEP Polymer Make-Up Unit (PMU) effectively introduces a metered quantity of neat polymer into a flow of make-up water. This is mixed into a homogeneous solution and transferred to the storage tank ready for addition into the process that the unit is installed in.


  • Screens
  • Soil washing plants
  • Washing plants
  • Dewatering systems and centrifuges
  • Sand processing plants
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