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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

GreaseMaster 3

Masterlube Systems Stand: PB12

Greasemaster 3 is purpose designed to provide clean filtered grease to single line progressive distribution systems. Grease up to NLGI2 is delivered to bearings in pre-determined ratios from blocmaster distribution blocks.


  • Unique two stage pumping system where primary piston forces grease through a 200 micron stainless filter mesh before feeding under pressure into the secondary element chamber, ensuring the high pressure stage delivers only clean grease.
  • External blow off valve indicates filter status.
  • Choice of single or double pumping elements, each delivering up to 6cc per min at 24V and 2.5cc per min at 12V.
  • Robust motor protected from reverse polarity and also over current by an auto-reset fuse.
  • Standard 5 litre or 7 litre reservoir sizes can be filled with NLGI2 grease using handgun, standard grease cartridge (optional) or volume filler.
  • 200 bar pressure relief valve included with every pump.
  • Hydrodynamic impellor eliminates cavitation and cleans the reservoir so the grease levels can be easily checked.
  • Pump operation controlled and monitored by on board computers or external timers.


  • Reservoir capacity: 5 litre
  • Grease Type: NLGI2 Lithium
  • Voltage: 12 or 24v
  • Current: 2amp (max)
  • Max Delivery: 2.5cc/min @ 12v, 6cc/min @ 24v


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