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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Grease Buster

Smart Storm Ltd Stand: S10
  • Grease Buster
  • Grease Buster
Grease Buster Grease Buster

The Greasebuster® uses a hydrophobic belt which attracts non-polar liquids such as fats, oils and greases whilst rejecting water. The Greasebuster® sits in a reception tank and the belt continuously rotates through the surface collecting FOG whilst the water runs back into the tank. The fats, oils and greases are scraped off the belt and deposited into a IBC or other suitable containers. For heavy fats and greases the Greasebuster® collection chamber contains a thermostatically controlled heater which liquefies the fats and allows them to free run into the collection vessel. Speed control and belt attack angle are fully adjustable to maximise the efficiency of FOG removal up to 4m3/ day (depends on nature). 

Available as a core unit or a complete treatment skid.


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