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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry


Tenmat Ltd Stand: PC12
  • Ferobide
  • Ferobide
Ferobide Ferobide

Ferobide is the ideal protection for mining, quarrying and processing operations which depend on wear-resistant linings that are used in chutes, conveyors, mixers, dumpers, buckets and more. Being extremely wear-resistant, Ferobide is an optimal choice for reinforcing hard-wearing areas of larger systems to reach a balanced life

  • Avoid downtime, increase part lifetime: Ferobide helps avoid equipment downtime and increases part lifetime. This reduces the time spent replacing worn parts and increases the uptime of machinery.
  • Improved profits: Ferobide helps to reduce spend on wearing metal and avoids unplanned downtime which in turn improves profit and efficiency.
  • Easy to install, quick for repairs: standard MMA and MIG welding methods can be used to install Ferobide tiles and Ferobide can be welded to any position, where brazing tungsten or gluing ceramics cannot be used.
  • Reduced diesel use: the attractive wear-performance to weight ratio of Ferobide gives maximum wear protection without increasing weight.
  • Increase payload: the low weight to wear ratio also allows weight savings to be made on equipment such as dumpers and buckets which allows an increase in payload or a reduction of tyre and linkage wear.
  • Reduced capital tied to inventory: for manufacturers, distributors, and repairers, a small number of Ferobide SKUs stocked can be used for a wide range of parts. This reduces capital held in stocks.
  • Protect investment: Ferobide is longer lasting than conventional wear materials such as overlay plates, white iron and AR steels which greatly increase the overall life of parts and achieve maximum output from machinery


  • Abrasion-resistant materials
  • Bearings
  • Wearparts
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