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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Digger Guard® Handrails - "Boxing Rings"

Digger Guard Stand: S9
  • Digger Guard® Handrails -
  • Digger Guard® Handrails -
  • Digger Guard® Handrails -
Digger Guard® Handrails - Digger Guard® Handrails - Digger Guard® Handrails -

Digger Guard® steps into the ring with an innovative new polymer handrail system. "Boxing rings" that offer unrivalled performance and running cost advantages to manufacturers and distributors of excavators and other construction machinery.




  • Up to 75% lighter in weight than steel systems > fuel saving > lower emissions.


  • Corrosion resistant. No rust. No need to repaint.


  • Material specification extends the lifetime of the application > increased ROI.


  • Operator safety focussed: Independently pull tested by Lloyds British to meet and exceed standards. Electrically and thermally non-conductive.


  • Innovative design, assembly and component specifications > vibration fatigue resistant > design spreads load to negate any single point of failure > connects to existing fixings.


  • Transparent to electromagnetic waves (critical when using 3D mapping systems). 


  • Development & Design: our in-house design team can rapidly model handrail systems for any machine using 3D scanning technology on-site or via CAD files.


  • UK-wide on-site fitting service / stock of spare parts. Friendly, responsive customer service team. Continuous improvement practices.


PRODUCT JOURNEY - R&D > Prototyping > Testing:


  • Digger Guard®’s design engineers took at fresh look at the issues with traditional steel handrail systems – examining component parts, the way they interconnect, and the materials specified. The result – problem-solving product design innovation which outperforms existing ‘boxing ring’ options.


  • Initial prototyping work was done for Hitachi Construction Machinery excavators. Successful field testing followed with positive end-user feedback. Our Digger Guard® ‘boxing ring’ has an international patent pending.


Digger Guard® - the ultimate choice for those who care about their cabs.




  • Access platforms/systems
  • Cabs
  • Excavators
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