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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Cleanfix Reversing Fans

Desert Engineering Stand: PA42
  • Cleanfix Reversing Fans
  • Cleanfix Reversing Fans
Cleanfix Reversing Fans Cleanfix Reversing Fans

Overheating problems from blocked radiators are a thing of the past with the revolutionary Cleanfix Reversing Fan.

Lack of radiator maintenance causes engines and hydraulic systems to overheat. It decreases air conditioning efficiency and can increase fuel consumption. It also wastes valuable horsepower. However, the machine downtime required to manually clean a machines cooling system costs money… a lot of money, in dirty, dusty environments when radiators can block up several times a day.

Cleanfix reversing fan systems solve both problems by automatically keeping radiators clean whilst the machine keeps working. The benefits of this simple but effective solution may be more than you might think!


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