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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Carlson FiX1

Carlson Software Stand: PC18
  • Carlson FiX1
  • Carlson FiX1
  • Carlson FiX1
Carlson FiX1 Carlson FiX1 Carlson FiX1

Fixed Installation Scanner

The FiX1 – ‘Fixed Installation Scanner’ from Carlson is a
completely automated system for obtaining regular, real-time
volumetric data of stockpiled material. With connectivity
through Ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular networks, the FiX1 can be
permanently installed in remote, inaccessible areas.

Once installed with a direct view over your stockpiles, the system
scans the material and, on its onboard processor, processes and
delivers a volume without any user intervention.
The FIX1 carries out volumetric scans that are triggered manually
or by a user-defined schedule. Computed volumes are displayed
via the onboard web interface on your PC or mobile device.
Results can also be automatically delivered by email or streamed
out to an SQL database.
For large facilities, too big for a single FiX1 to observe, multiple
FiX1 units can be installed and configured into a single, georeferenced
system. One unit acts as a ‘hub’ and all additional
units are the ‘spokes’. All the spokes are accessed and controlled
through the hub. A single volume or set of volumes is returned
from the hub-and-spoke system.


  • Surveying equipment/services
  • Automation and control systems
  • Instrumentation/level control
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