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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Aerzen Compressor

Aerzen Machines Ltd Stand: A13
  • Aerzen Compressor
  • Aerzen Compressor
  • Aerzen Compressor
Aerzen Compressor Aerzen Compressor Aerzen Compressor



Aerzen’s screw compressors operate reliably in all the world’s temperature zones, indoors and out, in mobile or stationary deployment. What makes the Delta Screw so flexible? Eleven direct-drive machines. Two compressor groups with the specialised AERZEN rotor profile. A choice of discharge port sizes in the cylinder for ideal internal compression. And an almost unlimited spectrum of possible adaptations and accessories.

Designed for the compression of air, nitrogen, and other neutral gases, the Delta Screw compressors are perfect for almost any possible application. The spectrum of the extended Delta Screw series also includes 7 belt-driven compressor models for volume flows (actual delivery depends on intake parameters) of from 120m³/h to2,650m³/h.


  • Uniquely broad range of applications
  • Highly efficient
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Oil-free in accordance with ISO 8573-1, Class 0
  • 100% free of absorption materials


Screw compressors are perforce twin-shaft rotating lobe machines. They work on the positive displacement principle with internal compression and are so-called compulsive conveyors. This applies for all screw compressors. However, what makes AERZEN screw compressors special is that we have made reliability, ease of maintenance, user-friendliness, flexibility and energy efficiency a matter of principle. The result is a range of unique design features. Take the efficiency coefficients for example, such as the AERZEN 3+4 VML profile or the 4+6 VM profile. Compared to standard compressors they save a considerable amount of energy.

Volume flow

350 to 15,000 m3/h


Air, Neutral Gases, Aggressive Gases

Main Applications

  • Conveyance and compression of neutral and special gas types
  • Pneumatic transport (using air or nitrogen) of powder, pellets, ashes, etc.
  • Homogenisation, loading, and unloading of cement, lime, etc.
  • Vacuum generation to produce glass containers
  • Gas/air mixing systems
  • Flue gas desulphurisation and oxidation air for power plants
  • Truck transport applications (e.g. stationary unloading, combined vacuum/pressure operations)
  • Blast air for nonwoven fabric manufacture
  • Fermentation
  • Instrument-grade air
  • Booster applications

Main Industries

  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Cement industry
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Power plant technology
  • Glass industry
  • Paper industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Steel and iron industries
  • Textile industry
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Medical technology
  • Mining and smelting technology
  • Electronics industry, solar technology
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Biogas



  • Plant hire/contract services
  • Design and installation services
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Bulk-handling systems
  • Compressors
  • Spare parts
  • Filtration
  • Asset Management
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