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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Unilok Emulsion Sprayer

Unilokomotive Ltd Stand: Q4
  • Unilok Emulsion Sprayer
  • Unilok Emulsion Sprayer
  • Unilok Emulsion Sprayer
Unilok Emulsion Sprayer Unilok Emulsion Sprayer Unilok Emulsion Sprayer

Tank Capacity: Options available from 3000L to 18000 litres.

Spray bar options:

  1. 2.4m fixed width

  2. Telescopic overall width 4.2m

  3. Telescopic overall width 5m

In cab controls: Full cab controls with touch screen and joystick for one man operation. In cab tank volume display with low emulsion safety shut off.

GPS Tracking with full job log/mapping.

Load Sense Proportional Hydraulic control for exact positioning.

Automatic heating: Oil burner heating with option of overnight heating.

Pumping: A positive displacement Bitumen pump with integral relief valve with output of up to 800 litres per minute is fitted. 

Spraying: Spray bar fitted with slot jets at 100mm centres giving triple overlap of emulsion, jets automatically open/close as the spraying width varies and pressure is automatically controlled to remain constant.

Spray Rates: from 0.21 litres/m² to 3 litres/m²

Tank: Fabricated from mild steel to maximum section incorporating anti-surge baffles and heating flue. Insulated with 100mm dense rockwool matting and clad with Aluminium sheeting.


  • Bitumen and emulsion sprayers
  • Chip spreaders
  • Rail wagons/services
  • Bitumen storage systems/equipment
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