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23-25 June 2020

Hillhead Quarry Buxton UK

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Vortex to show pivoting chute diverter at Hillhead 2018

23 May 2018

Titan Series unit specially developed for heavy-duty abrasive materials handling 

Established in 2011 to address several abrasion concerns across the bulk-materials handling industry, Vortex developed the Titan Series product range to meet a number of applications across the sector, including: handling materials that pose excessive abrasion or wear issues; situations that call for extremely large valves or diverters; and conditions that require a valve to be successful in harsh environments.

Among the Titan Series products that have garnered recent attention in the market is the pivoting chute diverter. Designed to meet the demands of customers handling abrasive materials (eg cement, clinker, coal, fly ash, gravel, limestone etc), Vortex designed the diverter to improve processing speeds and provide a valve with longevity when operating in particularly wearing environments.

Innovative features of the pivoting chute diverter include: a body constructed from carbon steel; an independent internal pivoting chute; diverter wetted parts made of abrasion-resistant metal; and optional abrasion-resistant liners that can be installed internally on the inlet and outlet legs. In extreme applications, liners can be constructed from chromium carbide.  

The pivoting chute diverter (available in two- or three-way configuration) can be shifted ‘on the fly’ while materials continue to flow, allowing a non-interrupted material flow. Vortex say this is an improvement on traditional flapper-style diverters, where it is recommended that material flow be shut off prior to shifting the blade.

The Titan Series pivoting chute diverter has been designed with reduced maintenance in mind, as inspection, maintenance and repairs can be quickly and easily performed via an access panel on the front of the diverter while the chute remains in line. Visitors to Hillhead 2018 can see the pivoting chute diverter on stand PC32.

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