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23-25 June 2020

Hillhead Quarry Buxton UK

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Calor highlight the benefits of LNG

25 Apr 2018

UK’s leading provider of liquefied natural gas will show how asphalt plants can cut costs and carbon emissions

CALOR will be exhibiting at Hillhead 2018 to showcase how asphalt plants can dramatically cut costs and carbon emissions with the help of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Located on stand PC19, the UK’s leading provider of LNG will be discussing how the gas delivers considerable financial and environmental benefits over alternative fuels, such as oil, for sites with high energy requirements, such as asphalt plants.

A colourless, odourless liquid fuel, LNG is created by cooling natural gas to a temperature of around –162°C. When cooled to this temperature, the gas both liquefies and reduces in volume too. This quality ensures LNG is easy to store, with both horizontal and vertical above-ground vessels available depending on site requirements.

Sites such as Aggregate Industries’ Colemans Quarry have already made the switch to LNG, significantly cutting fuel costs while reducing CO2 emissions by 17%. Producing 250,000 tonnes of asphalt every year, plant manager Simon Evans explained: ‘We made the switch to LNG because it is a cleaner source of energy. We were previously using kerosene, but LNG is a more cost-effective product to burn. It also produces a lot less carbon, and reducing the company’s carbon footprint is very important to Aggregate Industries.’

Kev Houlden, LNG specialist at Calor, added: ‘Maintaining a constant, reliable supply of fuel plays a vital role in helping facilities to hit their production targets and meet customer demands. LNG is ideally suited for asphalt plants, which use large quantities of gas to heat and dry the product.’

He added: ‘Held in a limestone quarry in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside, Hillhead is an event like no other. We look forward to welcoming visitors to stand PC19 to discuss the many benefits to LNG in more detail. There will be some interactive activities available on the stand for attendees to enjoy too – all will be revealed at Hillhead 2018.’

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