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23-25 June 2020

Hillhead Quarry Buxton UK

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Bomag to showcase light compaction improvements

09 May 2018

Company will use Hillhead 2018 to highlight important improvements in its light compaction product range

Bomag’s light compaction product range, sold and supported through a nationwide network of independent Compaction Centres, includes single-direction and reversible compaction plates, tampers, single-drum rollers, twin-drum rollers, multi-purpose trench compactors and light tandem rollers.

Bomag light tandem rollers lead the field and recently announced improvements to the BW 135 and 138 AD-5 rollers offer additional benefits. These popular 3.9-tonne and 4.3-tonne machines are now supplied with dual-amplitude vibration, allowing the operator to vary the compaction effect to suit the job.

A new low amplitude of 0.2mm has been added to the existing 0.5mm amplitude. The Bomag-designed-and-built dual-amplitude exciter system, which is fitted in both the front and rear drums, is controlled by a simple rotary switch that selects either high or low amplitude.

The new low-amplitude setting provides more sensitive compaction and minimizes the risk of crushed aggregates, making it ideal for thin layers, seams or joints, and for maintenance and repair work in the urban environment.

In addition, the popular BMP 8500 trench-compactor now has an improved Economizer system as standard. The LED real-time compaction display now gives a more accurate reading in ‘half’ steps, allowing users to obtain consistent compaction across large areas. The real-time LED display can now show compaction progress from 1/2 to 10, ie 20 steps of progression. Bomag will also display a range of milling, paving and large compaction equipment on stand S1.

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