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26-28 June 2018

Hillhead Quarry Buxton UK

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CDM Regulations 2015

Why is this needed?

Why is this needed?

The Construction Design & Management Regulations (CDM) were revised in April 2015 when their scope was extended to cover construction work at large events and exhibitions (500+ person working days in construction/dismantling phase).

The Hillhead show falls within the category and therefore has its own CDPP which covers the Health & Safety arrangements for the setting up and operation of the site as a whole.

In addition, the HSE have advised the event industry that individual exhibition stands which require some form of construction work will also be classified as (mini) CDM sites in their own right and will require their own individual CDPPs.

‘Construction Work’ is defined as the erection and dismantling of any structure made of metal, timber, concrete or anything similar.

In a Hillhead context this means:

  • The building of a temporary structure such as a marquee/pavilion or the building of a space only exhibition stand in either the Main or Registration pavilions.
  • The fitting out of an exhibitor's own structure with temporary walls, display panels or similar and/or the installation of an electrical or air-conditioning system.
  • All types of engineering structures being erected on site such concrete/asphalt plants, fixed crushing, screening or other plants requiring some form of on-site assembly.
  • Any outdoor stand requiring a power supply provided by the site electrical contractor or other generator supplier.

Hillhead stands that fall outside of the CDM Regulations are:

  • Outdoor plots without a power supply based around a hospitality unit or a single-storey cabin with exhibits which can be delivered/off-loaded without any subsequent erection/assembly work.

To assist with the planning of the event exhibitors are required to complete the necessary form, which can be found on the exhibitor's online manual, although only limited information will be required from those with stands falling outside of the scope of CDM.

Once completed, all CDPPs will reside in the exhibitor's online manual where they can be updated as and when necessary and accessed 24/7 by the event safety team.


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