Visitor Profile

Main Business

Quarrying, Asphalt, Readymix & Concrete Products 21.2%
Plant/Equipment Supplier 16.7%
Civil Engineering, Building, Specialist Contractor 13.2%
Recycling, Demolition, Landfill & Waste 10.5%
Plant Hire 10.2%
Cement, Lime, Gypsum, China Clay, Coal etc 4.1%
Technical Consultancy 3.4%
Government Department, Local Authority, Utility 1.6%
Others 17%
Not known 2.1%

Job Function

Director, Owner, Partner 32.1%
Engineer, Technical Specialist 14.5%
Sales Manager, Representative 10.5%
General, Regional, Area Manager 6.1%
Quarry, Site, Works Manager 4.9%
Manager (Other) 12.9%
Others 16.6%
Not known 2.3%


United Kingdom 15,772
Europe (ex UK) 1,243
Australasia/Pacific 106
Americas/Caribbean 87
Central Asia 66
Africa 56
Middle East 33
Far East 31
India sub-continent 18
Total Audited by ABC 17,412

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