Demonstration Areas

The showground has three main demonstration areas:

Quarry Face

A section of the face at the north end of the site will be drilled and blasted to produce a fresh rock-pile for the show, usually this produces around 7-8,000 tonnes of limestone most of which is less than 1m. The rock-pile is used for demonstrating:

  • Large wheel loaders (buckets of 4m and above)
  • Large excavators and face-shovels (40t+)
  • Rigid and articulated dumptrucks
  • Hydraulic breakers

Rock Processing

The rock processing area on the western side of the quarry provides the opportunity for demonstrating all kinds of mobile crushing and screening equipment:

  • Tracked and skid mounted crushers
  • Tracked and wheeled screens
  • Scalping grids
  • Barrel screens


The recycling demonstration area lies at the southern end of the showground where three concrete storage bunkers have been built to hold imported supplies of material for processing, by crushing, screening, shredding or washing:

  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Waste asphalt
  • Concrete blocks and brick rubble

Other Demonstrations

Where possible the organisers try to accommodate other special interest demonstrations, particularly if the machinery or equipment is new to the market. In the past these have included pavers, rollers, trenchers, surface miners, dust suppression systems, concrete plants, laser-leveling and many more.


There is no charge made for demonstration areas, but in all cases arrangements with the organisers must be made well in advance by contacting the organisers on +44 (0) 115 945 3890,


Please note that as Health & Safety is of paramount importance to the show all demonstrations will be subject to rigorous controls.